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My Background

Hi! I’m Megan Thorne, owner and massage therapist at Thorne Wellness. My office is located right at 54 and Livingston in Lutz. I love to work on athletes because I am one myself. I weight-lift and, I box. Car accident victims are great clients for me as well because I’m actually one of those too. Also, I have worked for two chiropractors that specialize in auto-accident rehab. I also love working with prenatal and postpartum moms. I’m a Tampa native! I graduated from Sunlake High School. I enjoy rollerblading and kayaking when the weather is nice. I graduated at the top of my class from Cortiva Institute (massage therapy and skin care schools) in April of 2018. I have owned my massage practice, Thorne Wellness since June of 2021. I absolutely love what I do! I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful field of healing and wellness.

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Meet My Dog Rogue

My Approach

This is a Swedish or Deep Tissue massage with warm bamboo sticks. The benefits of this massage are stimulation of blood flow, increased skin elasticity, and deep relaxation.  

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